Feedback from AG

"I wanted to thank you for your invaluable assistance during the past 3 years to prepare for the Diploma. ... [I] had the opportunity to realize how committed are you to your students (transport to the station, meals, sending samples ...). This altruism is a rare quality it is necessary to point out from time to time, especially in a period where everything goes too fast, and where some selfishness becomes the norm ease. "


Feedback from MT

"Thank you for organizing the WSET course of the weekend. It was a very rewarding experience."


Feedback from CT

"(...) As delectable as holiday"

"You know, as always, how to make everyone feel welcome, provide a logistics solution for each different situation and last but not least, you have arranged a memorable lunch in the charming decor and a Burgundian clos. These three days were for me, despite the intensity of the work, as delectable as a vacation."


Témoignage de CT

"Quality and efficiency"

"I wanted to thank you for the quality and efficiency of your home. Can you tell Mr Spence how his humour and good humour have added training in itself exciting?"


Feedback from EC


"If someone had told me when I started (...) I would have a Diploma in my pocket after 2 years ... I never would have believed it! I'm really happy, and at the same time little sad, I will miss my weekends Mâcon! "


Feedback from FC

Success of the Diploma

"Although I had a great time in Mâcon, I'm pretty relieved to have completed the Diploma as fast (...). Thank you for any involvement that you put in the organization, it is really a factor to take into account in our success Diploma."