The WSET® (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) :

The WSET® was established in London in 1969 initially to educate members of the UK wine and spirit trades. It now has 600 centers in 66 countries also provide these courses in over 19 languages.
About 61,000 candidates sat WSET® examinations in 2015.

The WSET® offers 4 levels of examinations.

» LEVEL 1 :

Level 1 Award in Wines : Basic level of knowledge of wines.

Level 1 Award in Spirits : Basic level of knowledge of spirits.

Level 1 Award in Wine Service : Practical application of knowledge within the hospitality industry.

Level 1 Award in Sake

» LEVEL 2 :

Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits :
General knowledge of varietals wines and spirits in the world. Tasting with the Systematic Approach to Tasting.

Level 2 Award in Spirits :
Thorough knowledge of spirits.

» LEVEL 3 :

Level 3 Award in Wines :
Thorough knowledge: viticulture, vinification, appellations and tasting.
Development of tasting with the Systematic Approach to Tasting.

» LEVEL 4 :

Diploma in Wines and Spirits :
The minimum entrance requirement for Level 4 is a pass at Level 3.
Very detailed knowledge of world vineyards, wines and spirits including blind tasting professional level. The Diploma is required for candidates wishing to progress to the prestigious "Master of Wine" (MW), provided by "The Institute of the Masters of Wine".
The Diploma is internationally recognised; showing the candidate has demonstrated professional knowledge of wines and spirits from around the world, of viticulture, winemaking, wine tasting and geography and has been able to communicate that knowledge through a good command of the English language.

Esprits de Vins :

Esprits de Vins has collaborated with the WSET® since 1991 :

"Esprits-de-Vins" is an association, consisting of 4 people, located in Mâcon (71), in Burgundy.
It is the only WSET® Approved Programme Provider authorised to deliver the Level 4 Diploma.
The President is M BOLIO.
Mrs TOURAS is a diploma graduate and a certified educator.

M. TOURAS holds level 3.

M. DELAYE is the President of the concours national des vins de France.
Between 1991 and 2015, more than 6,500 Esprit des Vins candidates have taken the exams from Levels 2 to 4.

Teachers :

The training examinations for Levels 2, 3 and 4 for individual candidates take place in Mâcon-Davayé (Lycée Viticole de Mâcon Davayé), taught in English, only by highly experienced English-speaking professional wine and spirit educators, including Masters of Wine and experts on the subject.
Our teachers are : Mr Godfrey Spence, Mrs Patricia Stefanowicz, MW et Mr Matthew Stubbs, MW.

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